Jonqui Arts
Jonqui Arts
Jonqui Arts
Art As Language

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Expressing Myself Through Art

Jonqui Albin - expression artist and Poet

I am Jonqui Albin, and I am a seasoned artist publishing and performing live to communicate with the world through my poetry expressed through the language of Art. I have 30 years of experience in Expression Art. I am here to showcase my work and encourage dialog.

Jonqui Arts

What I Do

I originate Theme Expression Art projects through a process involving drafting poetry of real or imagined poetic scenario sketches and applying “art as language” rules. This is the souce of inspiration for my lifesize drawings, paintings and sculptures.

Jonqui Arts

Reaching Out to the World

Jonqui Arts is my brainchild and aims to spread the word about live observation art techniques and expression around the world. My performance videos and classes offer you a sneak-peek into the world of expression art. Get in touch with me today to know more about my self-invented live action drawing, techniques and philosophy. (707) 3398-8629,